Long River Tai Chi - Scotland Workshop 2009
with Wolfe Lowenthal

Photos from Stirling '09 Workshop!

Dorian Vincent Steven from Spain
photos by Dorian photos by Vincent photos by Steven photos by our Spanish cousins

Long River Tai Chi, Scotland, is very pleased to announce that the Wolfe Lowenthal Summer Workshop 2009 will be held in Stirling, Scotland. The workshop will study Form, Push Hands, Da Lu, Sword and Fencing. For those students new to the Sword Form, there will be the opportunity to learn the beginning moves.

Monday 6th July to Sunday 12th July 2009.
Friday 10th July will be a rest day.

9.30 - 10.30 Form
10.30 - 12.00 Push Hands and Da Lu

4.00 - 4.30 Supervised free practise
4.30 - 6.30 Sword form and fencing

Practise Hall Location:
Allan Centre
Fountain Road
Bridge of Allan

To book a place, please send £335 Sterling to:
Margaret Russell
30 Whins Road
Tel: 01786 811531 (From Europe) 00 44 1786 811531

When your payment has been posted, please e-mail both Margaret at margaret.russell4@virgin.net and Gordon at gordon_ewing@yahoo.co.uk. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of both the receipt of your payment and your place on the workshop.
Please title your e-mail - Stirling 2009.

There is no deposit system and full payment will secure your place. Please note that in the past all of Wolfe's European workshops have filled up quickly, so though you have until 1st April 2009 to reserve a space, earlier might be better.

N.B. All American students should contact Stephanie at sgelfan@rcn.com about Workshop fees.

The accommodation is John Forty’s Court. It is part of Stirling University and located half way between the University campus and the town of Stirling. There are 2 large supermarkets within walking distance and both have cafes. Apartments are self-catering and have 7 en-suite single bedrooms and a large kitchen / living space. Each resident will have a key to the apartment plus a key to their own bedroom.

Single room will be £185 for the 8 days covering the period of the workshop - arriving Sunday 5th July and departing Monday 13th July 2009. This price includes all taxes.

American students who wish to book this accommodation should send the full amount in £ Sterling to Margaret Russell - see details in Reservations.

N.B. All European students can combine Workshop and Accommodation fees in one payment, if they wish. Total payment for Workshop and University Accommodation will be £520.

Transport from the Airport to your accommodation can also be arranged. To keep costs down, we will try to link individuals and small groups. Most people will be flying into Glasgow Airport or Edinburgh Airport. Please note that Glasgow Airport is not to be confused with Glasgow Prestwick Airport, which is significantly further away. At present, it is likely that each person will pay transport on their arrival day but if this changes you will be kept informed. Local students will provide transport from accommodation to the practise hall.

To book transport from the airport and all enquiries please contact:
Margaret Russell
Gordon Ewing
34 Orkney Place
Tel: 01324 885095 (From Europe) 00 44 1324 885095

Alternative Accommodation:
If you prefer to find your own accommodation you may find the following website helpful.

If you book your own accommodation please let Margaret or Gordon know where you will be staying - this will help us to arrange transport.

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